Radio Greece – New app in the making

Hello #teamBlackBerry, 4 days left for the launch and the beggining of a new era in mobile world.

So lets see what TZapps are working these days…

Radio Greece. All the major radio stations of  Greece.

BBM connected, Cascades 100% and music! The best combination

Here are some samples… let us know if you have any suggestions or questions.


IMG_00000075 IMG_00000083 IMG_00000074


2 thoughts on “Radio Greece – New app in the making

  1. Hi there,

    Amazing work for BlackBerry and the blackberry users in Greece.

    You may add a bar in order to see the necessary mb per minute that you may need for each radio station.


    1. At the moment this app is not going to be available since i am waiting for 3 months now for digital rights aggreement. It would be a nice feature though but i think wi-fi is advised for streaming media. especially here with the crappy greek-carriers data plans.


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