Web Splitter coming to Z10

It’s been a while since my last post.

We were busy rocking the Limited Edition Z10 …lol

So this is our latest submitted app.

BB10  browser rocks. You know it, we know it. Even the haters know it.

But still some times you just need 2 webpages open simultaneously at the same screen.

This feature is soon to be available only with Web Splitter.

Some of the options:

  • 2 browsers in 1 page
  • Active Frame showing what pages you are browsing in each grid
  • Favorites list with save, load, share and delete option
  • Save custom url
  • Customize the size of each grid
  • Option to load any url on BB10 Browser (handy with youtube vids for example)
  • Free updates
  • and more

So tell us what do you think about it.

Here are some screenshots.

IMG_00000075 IMG_00000074 IMG_00000073 IMG_00000072 IMG_00000070 IMG_00000084 IMG_00000083 IMG_00000082 IMG_00000081 IMG_00000080 IMG_00000079 IMG_00000078 IMG_00000071 IMG_00000076 IMG_00000077


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