BBM, video, settings, and more

We promised a lot of soon to come features for Web Splitter. We love the fact that our app has a 5 rating stars and we want to keep it that way. So we are happy to announce that the following changes are almost ready to be submitted:

  • BBM(with settings option to allow profile messages and profile boxes to be created)
  • Orientation Support(Auto-portrait-landscape) (with option to lock the orientation)
  • Instructions Page(With never show again option)
  • New Bookmarks List Management (Favorites/work/personal and move any item to any list)
  • Video support( It looks like BlackBerry 10.1 OS will let us watch any video in any grid, or even 2 videos at the same time)(all tests are positive so far, youtube etc…)

We are waiting for some more testing to be done and we will let you know when the new version is submitted to BlackBerry World. As promised this upgrade and all the future ones will be for free.

PS. Screenshots!!!! Yeah!!!

IMG_00000008 IMG_00000005 IMG_00000006 IMG_00000007


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