Learning Greek is not so difficult after all…

Efimerides is a purely greek content application for Z10 and Q10(as of today).Its free and you get all the major greek newspaper covers everyday, along with magazines covers. You can save and share all images and it is BBM™ connected. Greek is a difficult language to learn , to speak and to understand. So you would expect to see a 90% of total downloads coming from Greece. Lets say Canada too as there is a huge Greek community there.

So there you have it:

Greece: 29%

Canada: 21%

USA: 10%

Saudi Arabia: 7%

UK: 3,5 %

Indonesia : 3,5%

UAE: 3,5 %

Germany: 3%

Cyprus: 2,5 %

Vietnam: 2,5 %

Rest of the World: 14,5%


Is it safe to say that Greek language is not so hard to learn after all?


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