WebSplitter Love

So we had our 10 minutes of fame (thank you CrackBerry.com!!!!) and we manage to get a lot of comments and a lot of support questions. At the end what matters most* is user satisfaction. Here is a collection of comments:

Almighty CrackBerry Kevin:



Awesome app!


Awesome for hooking up to a to a HDTV or monitor! Buying!


What a quality app! We need more of these on App World and we need Crackberry to showcase more of these.


The perfect App!! I’m so happy with it!!
Just buy and test yourself. Very cool!!


It would be nice and wise if BlackBerry contact this Dev directly and offer him some sort of a contract/patent or something like that, to include this feature as a built in the BB10 browser, so we have the option in the default browser, and they can even research in this to make more multiscreen options available within the OS itself.


and many more. You can check the comments here:http://crackberry.com/web-splitter-blackberry-10

So far the rating of the app is 4,5 stars out of 20 reviews in BlackBerry World.

We promised to keep the price at 1,99$ .

PS.I have to agree with Oscar_E. It would be great if someone from BlackBerry could do this happen.

PS2. *Ok …downloads matter too!

Download here: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/25840873/


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