New features coming soon to #WebSplitter

WebSplitter is our top selling app, and we promised free updates. This means that we still have things we want to implement in the app. One of the most wanted feature was the ability to take advantage of the whole screen on the browser.

IMG_00000068 IMG_00000066 IMG_00000067

So we added an option for hiding the option bar that can be found in menu items. Simple and easy. I think we now are the only trully full screen browsing option in BlackBerry 10.

We also added 2 new functions in the navigation bar. One gives you the ability to open your bookmarks intantly on any of the two grids, without having to navigate to the bookmark page, and the other is the ability to save the running page of any grid either it is a webpage or an rss feed.

IMG_00000069  IMG_00000071 IMG_00000070

Let us know what you think in the comments. We appreciate all of your support.

PS. This update will come later this month.

PS2.There is a workaround for popup windows when browsing. Open the webpage in grid one, enable Power Mode, and the pop up window will open in the second grid. Turn of Power Mode and there you have it. We are working hard on a better solution. More news to come soon.


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