New WebSplitter navigation bar explained


As you can see in the image above, the new navigation bar is divided in 4 parts. The first part is now a button and it is enabled when loading is completed. When you click it, a new page pops up, with all the details of the webpage  you are currently viewing in the corresponding grid. From there you can edit the url, the image url , and the title of the webpage or rss subscription and then save it.

The second part is the address bar and the loading bar, which disappears when loading is completed.

The third part is the navigation buttons. All of them are visible only when they are available. We reminding you that history is not saved, and is deleted when you exit the app. Cookies are default enabled.(There might be an option in the future allowing changes)

The last part is enabled when loading is finished and when clicked it shows the Bookmark List for easier loading.

And that’s it. What else would you like to see implemented in the app?Please tell us in the comments …



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