WebSplitter Q10 support

We got a lot of questions about Q10 support for WebSplitter. We are trying to find a way for this app to be productive and easy to use in a 720×720 screen.  So far we are at this point:

IMG_00000010  IMG_00000009 IMG_00000007


Two grids, 720×720 , next to each other, running simultaneously but the main difference is that actually the size is 1440×720 and you can scroll horizontally to each grid. The screen real estate is too small to split it in half.

All the functions are working just fine. And you can see youtube videos without autofixed full screen! (no idea why this isn’t happening most of the times in Z10 yet)

The other idea we had is releasing an “RSS Splitter” and have only the rss part in the app for Q10 and Q5 for half price.

Since you know that we take your suggestions and comments very seriously we would like to know how you feel about that.

So, what do you think?


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