WebSplitter now available for Q10


1.0.21 version was aproved and our app is now available for Q10 as well. The experience is much more different than the Z10. So whats different. Since the screen real estate is so small, splitting is not working in a good way. So we decided to expand the screen… You get two grids 720×720  each ,on top of eachother and you can scroll from one another or even better instantly swap between them. Shortcuts really make a diferrence and helps the overall experience.

  • E: hide/show navigation bars
  • C: swap between grid 1 and 2
  • B: open bookmarks
  • N: show /hide network status
  • P: Power mode on/off

We want to make this app super usefull and easy to use so we are waiting for your comments and suggestions.

PS. Small updates to the Z10 version too…. No more LongPress for loading bookmarks,and instant swaping (grid1, grid1 and 2, grid 2…..) option.

PS2. We are working for another final update that will bring better rss reader functions. More news to come soon.


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