33,33% off!!!! Sounds for BBM™ special offers coming with the next update.

This is a minor update. A dozen of sounds are added and some small changes in the store. Ok, actually there are some exciting offers in the store now.

There are two new items to purchase. Super packs 1 & 2. The first unlocks Hollywood 1 , Hollywood 2 and TV sound packs, and the second unlocks Funny, Adult and Sports sound packs. Both of them costs only 1,99$ instead of 2,99$. So at the end you can unlock all paid sound packs for only 4$ instead of 6$. Sales it is! 33,33 % off!!!!!

PS. In case you allready bought any packs allready this offers will not be available for you. Dont worry. We ve got you covered. You will see.

PS1. A new icon is arriving with the next update. It has nothing in it. Will be a future category. Just be patient. We dont want to spoil the surprise.

PS2. Did you know that Sounds for BBM™ will be combatible with BBM™ for iOS and android? Oh yes! You will be able to send sounds to your friends no matter the platform. For the moment we have no plans to support iOS and android. We are #teamBlackBerry after all!!!!

IMG_00000062 IMG_00000063


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