Let’s go classic! Hangman Battles is here!(10.2+)

When searching for Hangman in BlackBerry World, you will see about 30 apps! So why make a new one? Because this one is different.




Single mode: 150.000+ english words


Coins: You get 2xLevel coins for every word you find. Collect more to unlock next levels. There is a bonus code for 999 coins. You will find it on our facebook fan page and in our BBM Channel

Battle mode: Play with your buddy. After setting your names,select your preferred options(background/keyboard layout) and number of rounds to be played, the game will instruct you when to pass the device to your friend. 10 points for every word found, 0 for every failure.



Educational: In sigle player mode, at the end of every game you can see the definition of the word. This feature is powered by wordnik.com . And by clicking wordnik icon, you can find more info on the web.




Settings: All kinds of settings. Selecte between 6 different colours for background, Keybord layout(QWERTY or ABCDE), enable hints for single player mode, set background music  and sound effects on/off




Scoreloop: In single player mode, there is a timer of 60 sec. Your score is : number of letters X time left X level and it is automatically submitted to Scoreloop! Even if you do a high score when offline, you can visit the statistics page and resubmit your high score again.



BBM: Invite your friends to download, and share your statistics, or let them know that you are playing so you wont get interrupted.

Q10/Q5 : full support with keyboard shortcuts for the letters!

Did we mention is built on Cascades? What do you think?

You can download here: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/41288891/?lang=en


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