Why reviews matter…

One of the most interesting thing to see is the reviews on our apps. Unfortunately BlackBerry World still doesn’t allow interaction with the reviewers (other than delete a review), but still ….

This is a review we had on the first day of Alpha Browser

Title: Promising

Created Date: Mar 21, 2014 12:56:52 AM

Review Body:
Some interesting ideas here with the Bing home screen and the Open in New Tab button. Browsing is so far swift and bug free. I welcome the ability to change the user agent and the option to block ads. I like the direct access to tabs in the bottom utility bar. What I don’t like is that the user cannot select a specific tab to open but can only swipe from tab to tab, meaning that if seven tabs are in play, and I’m on, say Tab 3, to get to Tab 7 I have to swipe four times to get to it. And what if I don’t remember which tab is which? One notable omission: a quick way to clear all user data, or even just cookies or browsing history. And one nagging problem that Alpha Browser shares with other third party browsers on BB10: entering a new URL in the address bar requires an extra tap of the clear field button to remove the present URL. (By contrast, in the built-in browser, tapping the address bar highlights the existing URL so that it can be readily displaced by a new URL or search term.) I don’t want to sound overly negative here. This app has the potential to surpass Evolution or Max Safe as the go-to third party browser. It’s up to the developer to seize that mantle!

Nice review. A lot of things to improve. So we delivered an update in less than a week. We added more functionality, and now urls are autoselected on focus and you can double tap on the actionbar to see all available open tabs (1-10) and choose which you want to bring forward.

Title: Improved

Created Date: Mar 25, 2014 7:45:43 AM

Review Body:
Tabbed browsing is improved in this release. Now you can go directly to any tab by double tapping on the tab bar and selecting its corresponding number. The implementation in the built-in browser is still more efficient — tap once to open tab menu, which displays the title and URL of each open tab — and for a browser that hangs its hat on the power of its tabbed navigation, I’m hoping there’s more to come in this area. A few problems that remain: 1) Gmail doesn’t work. At least not consistently. More often than not, I get a blank white screen. I’m wondering if it’s a problem with handling HTTPS protocol, because I’m seeing similar behavior with other sites, such as Evernote and FastMail. 2) An “Error – The Web site is unavailable” notice is briefly flashed whenever a new site is opened in a new tab. I appreciate the response to feedback, and I’m hoping this app attracts some more attention as it matures.

We improved by 1 star this time. So a new update is avaliable as of today. It fixes the 2nd minor bug and adds google suggestions in address bars. Gmail, evernote etc sites open just fine using Chrome mobile as default user agent. We added some icon sets to choose besides the standard cyan, based on other users reviews and feedback. And we have another huge update coming soon. We added twitter and youtube at the home page search engine, and a newly designed active frame.Ah! And we replaced the corresponding number of every open tab with its corresponding url icon. This is what it will look like:

IMG_20140401_134009_edit_edit   IMG_20140331_234708IMG_20140401_145109

So, to conclude, always try to give solid feedback like the champ  who signs as “Dave Jamerson”.  Thank you Dave.

Download Alpha Browser for BlackBerry 10 devices



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