Introducing Parental Controls for Alpha Browser

The next update (coming this week) will bring a unique feature for our Build for BlackBerry application. It will be the first to include password protected parental controls.

The concept here is simple. Set your password the first time you access parental controls, and enable /disable the option. You can choose to enable 12 categories for web filtering.


When activated, all access will be filtered. Everytime a page loads, nothing will be viewed until our system sends back a reply to check if the category of the page viewed is allowed.


If it is not allowed there is nothing the user can do to access it. Parental controls will require a password to disable. This one is for you BlackBerry parents.


Other things that are improved/added in this version:

  • Option to save last session, and load all open tabs when the app starts

  • Setting custom color for the action and the address bar


  • Option to save history
  • Auto zoom out to fit when url loads
  • Download images to device will  work if access to shared folders is granted.

More to come really soon.

Download here



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