Alpha Browser Update

A new version of Alpha Browser is now available  for all BlackBerry 10 devices.

What’s new:

  • Swipe anywhere left or right to switch tabs
  • Download manager
  • Reader Mode with text reflow
  • Set custom color and opacity for the action bar
  • Improved loading times and rendering
  • Visual improvements
  • Other bug fixes

We are waiting for your feedback.

And as always some screenshots

Download from BlackBerry World


4 thoughts on “Alpha Browser Update

  1. The acton bar looks too large on my Q10. So I would suggest that you move the tab-related bar to the left side like the native browser. Could you also add iOS user agent to the browser? Thank you


      1. Can you tell us when the next update is coming for support of passport touch enabled keyboard?or you just give up on the project?


  2. Does this browser support Activex ? I have a programme I need to use when out and about but it must have Activex Thanks


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