Introducing Blueprints for BlackBerry 10

It’s been a while since our last post but it was super busy for us.  So without further ado let us present our latest creation, Blueprints.

This is for everyone that works or loves constructions, planning, interior design, or for everyone that wants to express his creativity on the go. Simple to use with plenty of tools, it can make your life so much easier when time and speed matters the most, in the working field.


Simple lines, line with dimension, free hand, rectangles, circles, semicircles, free shapes, filled shapes, corners, text input and more with all color options of your choice.  At the same time, you can save as many projects as you want and edit them or share those with any way possible all straight from your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. All devices are supported. And a bonus of 3 different backgrounds to choose from. Blue, black and white. More tools and options will follow.

Download here:

And as always here are some screenshots :

IMG_20150401_155244 IMG_20150404_130259 IMG_20150404_131951 IMG_20150405_151321 IMG_20150405_170303 IMG_20150405_170410

PS: You can get in touch with us and add us on BBM. Can you guess the pin???? TZAPPS


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