CineTV10 updated and Built For BlackBerry

Our popular movie and tv-show database app has been updated and received Built for BlackBerry approval. This is what’s new:

1. Bigger Posters. Content is King

2. Calendar Integration – Click the top left button to create a new calendar event straight from the app with the release date of the movie, or air date of your favourite episode and all the available details.

3. Translations – Where available there will be an option to show all available languages for a movie or tv-show.

4. Save/edit/set as wallpaper for all movie/tv-shows/person posters.

5. Series are now reordered showing the latest first.

6. IMDb integration. Open any imdb link from your browser in our application. The app will automatically detect the content and bring you the corresponding page up front (movie/tv-show/person)

7. Create your customised shortcut. You want to have easy access to any movie or tv show? Now you can. As a bonus, the icon of the shortcut will be the poster of the movie/show.

8. Similar movies/series for all pages.

9. Improved active frame showing top 20 movies that are now playing on cinemas and top 20 tv-shows airing today.

10. Finder. You can now discover any movie, tv show by combining up to 2 genres and year of release. Filter based on minimum vote count and minimum vote average.

11. Improved Search page

12. Built For BlackBerry approved! Our 5th applications that receives this approval!


Check it out here:

Find below some screenshots as well.


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