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Version 1.0.5
*Active Frame showing top 20 playing now movies and top 20 airing today tv shows
*Calendar Integration, add a new calendar event for all movies that are coming soon and all tv series upcoming episodes, with all the available details without ever leaving the app.
*Clear cache option

Version 1.0.7
*Save/Edit/Share all movie posters
*Create your custom shortcuts for any movie or tv-show
*Imdb integration, open any link from imdb website directly to the app
*Discover movies/series based on genres, release year, vote count and average vote,
*Translations where available
*Similar movies/series to all pages

Version 1.0.8
*Movie reviews where available
*Save/Edit/Share all photos and posters
*Improved trailer page
*History page
*BlackBerry Assistant integration

Version 1.0.10
*Home page, featuring:
– Coming soon trailers
– Most Anticipated Movies
– Most Popular Movies on cheaters
– Most Popular Airing today TV shows
*Open from browser any link to easier share with other app users
*Share upcoming episodes details for all TV shows

Version 1.0.12
– Collections. For any movie that is part of a collection (e.g. Star Wars) you can see the collection on a different page, and add it to your favourite or your watch list

Version 1.0.14
– Twitter accounts of actors and directors (where applicable)

Version 1.0.14
– Networks. You can now search for any network and discover the most popular tv shows
– Schedule per network for US, CA and UK

Version 1.0.16
– Videos! Share any trailer or video for any movie/tv show
– Popular categories to easier discover movies and shows

Version 1.0.20
* Themoviedb integration
– Log in with your online account
– Sync all your online lists
– Rate movies/shows/episodes
– Create new lists and edit them
– Search for other user created lists
– Share any list